At AECI Water it is not about WHAT we do as a Business, it is about WHY we do Business and we are a Business with Purpose, striving towards Water and Food Security solutions on the African Continent.

Access to fresh water has been repeatedly identified as a key condition for economic and social development. As such, the uncontrolled use of a limited resource by water intensive industries takes on a special significance.

AECI Water offers comprehensive solutions to Public Sector, Industrial Sector and Mining Sector with a main focus on Water Security.

Through our global technology partnerships and extensive local resources, AECI WATER is able to offer the most comprehensive range of chemical and decentralised equipment solutions and services available, helping our Customers optimise their water use and resolve process challenges across industries, mining and the public water sector alike.  AECI WATER offers various business models for water treatment plants of all sizes, ranging from traditional once of CAPEX builds to Build, Operate, Maintain and Supply agreements where water is supplied at an agreed quality, volume and price per cubic meter (OPEX model). This de-risks operations and enables customers to focus on their core competencies.  AECI WATER re-focussed their business and offerings to uplift the lives and standards of the communities and economy. AECI WATER seeks to collaboratively resolve the grand water challenges and in return assure greater water and food security and equipment integrity by delivering packaged water solutions based on their diverse experience and world-class solutions.

Through our global technology partnerships and extensive local resources, we are able to offer the most value adding chemical and decentralised equipment solutions and services, enabling our customers to optimize their water consumption and resolve process challenges.

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