AECI Water has been intimately involved in the sourcing, manufacture, warehousing, distribution and application of speciality chemicals for many decades.

Our proven manufacturing capabilities, warehousing systems and distribution networks are testament to a company that is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. AECI Water’s dedicated Inbound & Outbound Logistics team coordinates all activities relating to the purchase, importation, warehousing and control of raw material stock, through to the warehousing, stock management and delivery of finished products.

Inbound Logistics

  • Procurement of all raw materials is managed by the Inbound Purchasing team, who handle sourcing and purchasing of more than 300 different raw materials, commodities and internationally-sourced finished products.
  • AECI Water’s forecasting system typically allows for a 3 month view of requirements based on historical demand, and this provides sufficient time for contingencies to be sought should the need arise.
  • Raw materials are warehoused in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Welkom.
  • Stockholding of imported raw materials is typically 8 – 10 weeks. Larger stockholding of long lead time and fast moving materials is maintained to ensure continuity of supply. Locally sourced raw materials are usually accessible within 48 hours through agreements with key suppliers.
  • All raw material warehouses comply with SANS 10263 regulations for warehousing of dangerous goods.

Outbound Logistics

  • Finished product distribution warehouses are located in main centres throughout South Africa, including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein and Welkom.
  • All finished product warehouses comply with SANS 10263 regulations for warehousing of dangerous goods.
  • Products are dispatched on a first-in, first-out basis (FIFO). An in-house developed integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) assists in sorting products according to the FIFO system as well as identifying products whose shelf life is limited.
  • Stockholding of finished products is typically 6 – 8 weeks based on forecasted Customer requirements.
  • Product packaging types include 5 litre containers, 25 litre polycans, 210 litre drums, 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), ChemTRAC™ semi-bulk returnable containers of various sizes, ISOtainers and bulk road tankers.
  • Normal deliveries in South Africa occur within 7 working days from date of order receipt. However, urgent deliveries can occur within 24 hours in South Africa.
  • Finished product distribution by our key logistics partners occurs via an optimised network from main centres through strategic hubs to Customer application sites.
  • Export logistics is handled through AECI Water’s centralised Export Customer Services department in Johannesburg.
  • Outside South Africa, Distributor and strategic 3rd party warehouses are used to manage finished product supply for our international Customers.