Safe Chemical Handling

AECI Water places a very high priority on the safety of our personnel, Customers and contractors, as well as on environmental responsibility.

Due to the nature of our business and the vast array of chemicals we manufacture and deliver to numerous Customer sites, we are proud to say that we have a unique Safe Advanced Chemical Handling System, called ChemTRACTM.

The ChemTRACTM programme is widely acknowledged as the benchmark in safe chemical handling within the chemical industry. The programme consists of high tensile strength, returnable stainless-steel chemical containers that are used for product deliveries and storage of our products at Customer sites. The proven benefits of the ChemTRACTM system include the reduction of chemical heel-loss (wastage), elimination of direct chemical handling by personnel, significant reduction in the carbon footprint and SHE hazards associated with disposable containers and the enhancement of cradle-to-grave management of our chemical products.

ChemTRACTM containers are available in various sizes, including 3,000 litre, 2,000 litre, 1,500 litre, 1,000 litre, 750 litre, 250 litre and 60 litre units. Our current fleet comprises more than 2,500 units, which represents a capital investment of over R80 Million.

The ChemTRACTM returnable container programme is fully operational in South Africa only.