Technical Support and Laboratories

AECI Water provides specialised laboratory services, programme development and technical field support for the range of technologies we supply:

  • Our well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory enables us to conduct comprehensive water analyses, deposit analyses, corrosion coupon analyses, ion exchange resin analysis, membrane autopsies, metallographic failure analysis, scale tube blocking tests and corrosion tests. The facility has fully functional Pilot Cooling Systems, equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and control equipment, to evaluate the performance of our chemical treatment programs.
  • Our Microbiology Laboratory provides a wide range of analytical detection methods used for identification and enumeration of microorganisms. Detailed Legionella risk assessment services are also provided by our qualified Microbiologists. AECI Water is the local agent for HydroSense. HydroSense is fast and reliable on-site test method. In less than half an hour you know for sure, if your water systems are free of legionella bacteria or not.  The test is specific to Legionella Pneumophila Sero Group 1 and available from AECI Water. Visit the HydroSense website for additional information.
  • In support of our upstream and downstream hydrocarbon process business, our Hydrocarbon Laboratory can conduct portable electric desalter screening tests, crude oil and fuel oil stability testing, emulsion breaker testing, process scale and corrosion inhibitor evaluations, foamer and defoamer tests, chemical compatibility testing, flashpoint analysis and various solvent extractions.
  • Our Process Screening Laboratory is equipped to conduct various process simulations and screening tests to develop water treatment solutions for clean and dirty water. Tests include antifoam screening, jar stirring for testing of coagulants and flocculants, demulsifier screening, dissolved air flotation product screening, defoamer screening, grid screening, chemical modeling and filter media analysis.
  • AECI Water’s Development Laboratory is based in Umbogintwini and works closely with our Marketing teams to ensure successful introduction of new chemical products by simulating and evaluating manufacturing processes on a laboratory-scale, checking formulation stability and developing product QA specifications.
  • Quality Assurance Laboratories are situated at each of AECI Water’s manufacturing sites. The QA Laboratories carry out a wide variety of analyses on products and raw materials on a daily basis. Approximately 1500 samples are tested monthly. Retention samples are maintained for all manufactured products and kept for one year. Functions include testing of finished products to ensure compliance with specifications prior to release; generation of certificates of analysis (COA’s) for all products and product quality Investigations.

Our Laboratories are certified according to the SABS 9001 accreditation system.

AECI Water is an authorised distributor of world-class Palintest® analytical instruments and reagents.

AECI Water is an authorised distributor of HydroSense Legionella rapid on-site test kits.