Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, food production, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself. AECI Water has vast experience and expertise in the treatment and management of potable and sewage water as well as a high level capability in implementing alternative water sources treatment technologies, including groundwater treatment, reclamation and reuse, desalination, in-line with most municipalities and utilities water security plans and drought mitigation strategies. AECI WATER aims to support all local governments (municipalities) and utilities in achieving their objectives of becoming resilient smart cities through the support and provision of new and existing in-house technologies for monitoring and control.

Potable and sewage water treatment capabilities
  • Coagulation And Flocculation
  • Modular Water Treatment Plants
Wastewater treatment
  • Final Effluent Disinfection
  • Advanced Anaerobic Digestion And Combined Heat And Power
  • Enhancement
  • Containerised Sewage Plants

Alternative water source treatment capabilities

We work closely with our customers to engineer various customised water treatment plants to meet site-specific treatment, re-use or recycle requirements. Apart from our standard range of potable and sewage plants, we design plants to specification which cater for the treatment of site specific raw water composition and treated water quality requirements.

Ground water treatment

Ground water represents an enormous and valuable water resource that can be managed by understanding different types of aquifers and their rate of renewal. The main purpose of the treatment technology is to assure a consistent supply of water conforming to the SANS241 water quality standards from ground water.

Desalination, water reclamation and reuse

A desalination plant, if designed correctly, is sustainable and cost effective. Such engineered solutions can be built in any area with sea water supply. Further, all secondary waste from water works can be processed similarly. The first step of the Desalination process includes liquid-solid separation by means of mechanical screening followed by DAF.

Mobile testing laboratory capabilities

AECI Water is the authorised distributor for all Palintest and Wagtech (a division and Phipps & Bird) products in Southern Africa.

Smart monitoring and control technologies capabilities

The MOM programme offered by AECI Water is described as the Total Water Engineered Management, Operations & Asset CARER solution focused on long term, sustainable value added outcomes. Asset CARER is an integrated asset management programme offered by AECI WATER focusing on Capability, Availability, Reliability and Enhancement (CARE).