Industrial Water

AECI WATER’S vast array of water management technologies include:

Industrial influent water, raw water & wastewater chemical treatment with focus on:

  • Solid/Liquid Separation Solutions
  • Membrane Treatment
  • Cooling Water Treatment
  • Boiler System Treatment

AECI WATER’S extensive range of hydrocarbon process technologies:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration and Production| Acid Treatments.
  • Crude Oil, Natural Gas And Finished Fuel Pipeline Protection | Drag
  • Crude Oil Refining
  • Synfuels And Petrochemicals
  • Finished Fuel Additives
  • Coal & Fuel Oil Combustion Additives

Air quality & industrial process technologies

AECI Water can offer a range of class-leading chemical and equipment solutions and services to industry, helping our Customers manage EH&S risks associated with air quality problems.

Industrial and Municipal processes and operational activities often result in the surrounding air quality being affected by stack gas emissions, fugitive dust, noxious odours and dangerous air-borne bacteria. AECI Water offers:

  • Dust Control
  • Odour Control
  • Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion Emissions
  • Legionella Control


Our experts deliver a comprehensive range of data and experience-driven services to increase transparency, consistency, and availability across your operations.

Engineered solutions

AECI Water leverages industry-leading processes, wide-ranging services and a broad technology portfolio to help you address critical process, water and wastewater needs, while reaching your operational, environmental and sustainability goals. We help customers optimize resources, conserve usage, enhance profitability and stakeholder satisfaction – while positively impacting the bottom line.

AECI Water works with you to engineer a solution for your water management needs:

  • Package Plants & Standard Equipment
  • Custom-Engineered Solutions

Advanced monitoring & control

AECI Water applies best-in-class water and process chemicals, treatment services, subject matter expertise, and digital tools to optimize your resources, conserve usage and enhance profitability.

Technical support and specialised laboratory services & supplies

AECI Water’s Technical Services department provides specialised laboratory services, program development and technical field support for the range of technologies supplied