AECI Water has a unique value Proposition for the Mining Industry

AECI Water is committed to providing the right quality of water for each mining application, without burdening the existing limited municipal infrastructure and communities, whilst protecting water resources and the environment.  AECI Water partners with the Mining Industry to improve the KPIs for the reduction of total water use and water intensity. In the process, AECI Water seeks to maximise the re-use of existing water sources to solve water challenges on mines whilst entering into partnerships to uplift surrounding communities through water provision.  Every mining project is looked at through a lens of environmental and societal stewardship to  protect water resources.

AECI Water use the latest and most advanced technology, chemical programs and solutions for water management and supply in the Mining Industry. Their mining expertise enable them to focus exclusively on performance thus providing value added solutions that helps to drive down the Total Cost of Operation for various of their mining customers.

AECI Water offers the Mining Industry a comprehensive value added solution package that includes process aids, scale control, utility water treatment, flocculation aids, dust control, agglomerating aids and more. The Bigger AECI team of industry experts can provide an environmentally sound solution and bring more than 70 years of experience in meeting water and process challenges.

From ore to mineral concentrates, AECI Water supports clean, efficient, profitable operations. AECI Water provides comprehensive water and process solutions to help customers address their most pressing business challenges, including:

  • Meeting environmental standards and being a good neighbour
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace
  • Maximizing yield
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Safeguarding critical assets
  • Driving down production costs
  • Supporting surrounding communities

AECI Water focus on Water Utilisation:

AECI Water work with their customers on:

  • Water re-use and recycling
  • Increasing water efficiency
  • Total Water Management
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
The guaranteed outcome of this is
  • De-risking operations
  • Water independence
  • People Health and Safety
  • Regulatory compliance