Zero Harm and Safety

As part of #OneAECIForABetterWorld, Zero Harm and Safety are an integral part of AECI WATER’s culture. We STOP, THINK and then ACT. AECI WATER would like to thank global pulp and paper company Sappi, a key customer and partner, for recognising IMPROCHEM, trading as AECI WATER, for its longest running safety record without a recordable injury of 7 212 injury-free hours. Sappi arranges an annual Global Safety Awareness Day across all its business operations. This day, dedicated to Safety, includes Sappi’s permanent contractors and suppliers. Themed “Life and Earth”, the 2023 Safety Awareness Day saw various in-house departments and a combined contactor stall compete for the best presentation depicting safety in their respective workplaces. Interactive presentations, song and dance concluded the day, where AECI WATER was recognised for its impeccable safety, winning the category for longest running safety record without a recordable injury. AECI WATER is proud to be commended by Sappi and congratulates our on-site team for #MakingADifference.